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Microsoft WORD® for Everyone Training

Classroom Sets, Network Version and Single User Packages Available

Microsoft Word for Everyone was designed to provide basic instruction in the use of the Microsoft Word for Windows word processing package. This training guide explains basic concepts and procedures of Microsoft Word, and how to apply them in everyday business situations. Emphasis is on learning the most common features of Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word for Everyone includes a workbook and a sample files disk that contains examples that will be used throughout the course and assessment software which evaluates your mastery of the features covered in the workbook.

For each technique this course teaches, you'll find a brief explanation of the Microsoft Word command. The explanation is followed by a set of exercises that allow you to learn by doing. This guide provides you with the keystrokes needed to perform each major operation. To ensure accuracy, screen displays follow many exercises, so that you can compare your own screen with this book. Quiz Yourself end of chapter review questions, evaluate your knowledge of topics covered and provide lots of practice.

The Final Project exercises reinforce the commands covered in the training course, and will provide you with a way to determine if you have mastered the commands covered. An index at the end of this guide provides you with an easy way to look up any procedures you may have to review.

Available: Single User, Classroom Sets and Network Versions.
Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc.

Microsoft Word for Everyone Training Outline

UNIT 1: Creating And Editing Documents

Using The Menus & Tool Bars
Moving Around The Screen
Inserting & Typing Over Text
Selecting Text
Saving Your Work
Opening Documents
Working with Multiple Documents
Proofreader's Marks
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 2: Formatting Documents

Getting Help
Setting Margins
Centering, Underlining, Boldfacing & Italics
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 3: Handling Text Efficiently

Cut & Paste Text
Moving Selected Text
Copying Selected Text
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 4: Printing

Printing Page Numbers
Print Preview
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 5: Tools

Searching For Text
Replacing Text
Spell Checking & Grammar Checking
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 6: Form Letters

Using Merge To Create Form Letters
Sorting the List
Creating the Form Letter
Customizing Fields on the Record
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 7: Introduction to Desktop Publishing

Changing Fonts
Inserting Pictures Into Your Documents
Newspaper Columns
Quiz Yourself

Final Project

How to Use Assessment Tool with Microsoft Word for Everyone

You will benefit from using this assessment tool while learning Word with Edutrends training guide. There are several ways you may want to use this assessment software to enhance your training experience. You can use it as a pretest tool, to determine your knowledge of Word before beginning the training. You may use it at the end of each chapter after completing the hands on Quiz Yourself assessments provided at the end of each chapter. At anytime you may choose to be tested on all topics or you can choose selected topics. You may use it at the end of the entire training to determine how well you have mastered the information covered. Regardless of how you choose to use this assessment tool, it will help you to determine how well you are grasping the MS Excel training material as you progress through the course.

Sample Diagnostic Report:
Microsoft Word Assessment

Evaluation for Charlie Cole ID Number 100

Creating and Editing Worksheets                            100%

Creating Professional Looking Spreadsheets           90%

Copying Formulas & Text                                          80%

Creating a Typical Business Worksheet                   90%

Dates                                                                           80%

Database Queries                                                       46%

Working with Multiple Sheets In an MS Excel Book     100%

Total                                                                              86%


NOTICE: In the above report, it is easy to see that Charlie Cole needs more help with database queries.