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Microsoft MS Powerpoint® for Everyone Textbook

Learn by doing with step by step instructions in this easy to follow textbook. Each exercise is followed by a screen display so you check yourself for accuracy. You will learn basic features of MS Powerpoint using everyday applications. End of chapter review and final project exercises reinforce learning. You’ll be using Microsoft Powerpoint on the job, at home or in school in no time. Practical real life examples makes learning Microsoft MS Powerpoint fun and easy for everyone.

Microsoft Powerpoint for Everyone Textbook Outline

Microsoft Powerpoint for Everyone Outline

UNIT 1: Creating a MS Powerpoint Presentation

Introduction to MS Powerpoint
Creating a new Presentation
Selecting a Design for Your Slide Presentation
Slide Transition
Inserting Pictures
Changing Font Size
Changing the Background
Saving Your Work
Clearing the Screen

UNIT 2: Creating Textboxes

Formatting the Textbox
Change Font Color
Change Background Color and Line Color of Textbox
Saving the File and Clearing the Screen

UNIT 3: Using Tables, Word Art and Media Clips

Changing Font Size
Entering Information into the Table
Inserting Symbols
Inserting Media Clips
Changing Background Color and Texture
Viewing the Slides
Slide Sorter View
Normal View
Running the Show from Current Slide
Playing the Slide Presentation

UNIT 4: Animations

Animation Schemes
Playing the Slide Presentation
Playing the Slide Presentation Automatically with Animations

UNIT 5: Printing and Adding Notes to Presentation

Adding Notes to Your Presentation
Navigating through the Slide Show
Using the Pen Tool
Printing Selected Slides
Printing Slides with Notes
Printing Handouts
Print Preview

Final Project