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Microsoft Excel® for Everyone Textbook

Learn by doing with step by step instructions in this easy to follow textbook. Each exercise is followed by a screen display so you check yourself for accuracy. You will learn basic features of MS Excel using everyday applications. End of chapter reviews and final project exercises reinforce learning. You’ll be using Microsoft Excel on the job, at home or in school in no time. Practical real life examples makes learning Microsoft Excel fun and easy for everyone.

Microsoft Excel for Everyone Textbooks Outline

Unit 1: Creating And Editing Worksheets

The MS Excel Worksheet
Using The Menus & Tool Bars
Deleting Rows
Saving Your Work
Changing Cell Width
Opening A Spreadsheet

Unit 2: Creating Professional Looking Spreadsheets

What Is A Range?
Formatting Numbers
Data Alignment
Formatting Text

Unit 3: Copying Formulas &Text

The Undo Feature
Copying Formulas

Unit 4: Creating A Typical Business Worksheet

Creating A Typical Business Worksheet
Naming Ranges
Mathematical Functions
Absolute Cell Address
Headers And Footers

Unit 5: Database Sorting & Charts

What Is A Database?
Sorting By More Than One Field
Moving Cell Entries
Calculating Division Totals
Creating Charts
Selecting The Range To Chart
Creating A Column Chart
Resizing The Chart
Moving The Chart
Creating A Separate Chart
Line Chart
Pie Chart

Unit 6: Dates

Date Arithmetic
Using Standard Date Formats
Calculating Dates

Unit 7: Database Queries

Querying The Database List
Using Conditions To Filter A List
Finding Records Using Single Column Filtering
Logical Operators Used In Filters
Filtering A Range Of Values
Filtering On Two Columns

Unit 8: Working With Multiple Sheets In An MS Excel Book

Multiple Spreadsheets In A Book File
Selecting Sheets In The Book
Copying Information To Other Sheets
Creating A Summary Sheet

Final Project Exercise