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Administering Windows NT 4 Networks


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This practical, hands on CBT will get you up and running as a Windows NT administrator. Through the use of computer simulations, this survival course emphasizes practical day to day network administration tasks. It teaches practical skills such as adding a new user, creating groups, print management, setting up account policies, and how to give users access to the file system. This is not theoretical, but hands on, practical training designed to help you administer a Windows NT network on a daily basis.

This interactive, self paced computer based training courseware features electronic bookmark, progress report, review quizzes with personalized feedback and assessment software. The assessment software lets you determine how well you have learned the topics covered. The assessment software randomly generates questions providing a different test each time it is used. Perfect for pretest and post test.

Objectives: You Will Learn How To:

Add new users
Create groups
Configure Windows NT printers
Set up account policies
Give users access to the file system
Understand domains and trusts
Backup the system

Course Length: 10-12 hours.



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