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Networking Essentials Part I


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This course covers how the PC is used in business today, with the emphasis on its communications capabilities.

Networks today are much more complex than in the past. Their capabilities have increased to allow them to be used in an environment that in the past needed a mini computer or in some cases a mainframe to get the job done. Due to this increase in complexity, there is a need for courses like this that explain the technologies that must be understood in today's networks.

The Networking Essentials Computer Based Training Series is designed to prepare you for Microsoft's Networking Essentials exam and put you on the road to career success. Microsoft's Networking Essentials exams help you get started on the MCSE certification path. Edutrends Networking Essentials Computer Based Training Series are mapped directly to the learning objectives required by Microsoft. You will learn what you need to know to prepare for Microsoft's Networking Essentials exam. You must use both Networking Essentials Part 1 and Part 2 to prepare for Microsoft's networking Essentials exam.

Objectives: You Will Learn:

Concepts and Definitions
Types Of Networks
Types Of Servers
Network Media
Wireless Network Connections
Network Topologies
Media Access Methods
OSI Model & 802 Specifications

Course Length: 10-12 hours.