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Microsoft WORD® Assessment Software

Edutrends assessment software, provides an easy way to evaluate how well you know MS-Word. The assessment software randomly generates 100 multiple choice questions, from a larger test bank of questions. Each student or employee receives a different test with each use.

Easy to Use

The instructions are included on the bottom of each screen in this windows based assessment software. Just type in your choice in the space provided and you will automatically go to the next question. You may move up and down by using the arrow keys and Page Up and Page Down keys. You can use the mouse to easily move around the screen and click on your answers.

Test Construction

Edutrends assessment software will let you build your own test. You can choose to be tested on all topics, or select specific topics for inclusion in the test. The questions will be randomly generated for your own personalized test. This makes it an ideal assessment tool.

Questions Randomly Generated

Each employee or student receives a different test to ensure accuracy of testing process.

Diagnostic Printed Report Identifies Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Edutrends assessment software will print out a customized report for each student. The report is divided into sections, which correspond to specific MS Excel features, making it easy to focus only on the features you need to review. It allows the teacher to instantly spot her students strengths and weaknesses.

Available in single user, class kits and network versions.