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Microsoft WORD® for Everyone Textbook

Learn by doing with step by step instructions in this easy to follow textbook. Each exercise is followed by a screen display so you check yourself for accuracy. You will learn basic features of Word using everyday applications. End of chapter reviews and final project exercises reinforce learning. You’ll be using Microsoft Word on the job, at home or in school in no time. Practical real life examples makes learning Microsoft Word fun and easy for everyone.

Microsoft Word for Everyone Textbook Outline

UNIT 1: Creating And Editing Documents

Using The Menus & Tool Bars
Moving Around The Screen
Inserting & Typing Over Text
Selecting Text
Saving Your Work
Opening Documents
Working with Multiple Documents
Proofreader's Marks
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 2: Formatting Documents

Getting Help
Setting Margins
Centering, Underlining, Boldfacing & Italics
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 3: Handling Text Efficiently

Cut & Paste Text
Moving Selected Text
Copying Selected Text
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 4: Printing

Printing Page Numbers
Print Preview
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 5: Tools

Searching For Text
Replacing Text
Spell Checking & Grammar Checking
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 6: Form Letters

Using Merge To Create Form Letters
Sorting the List
Creating the Form Letter
Customizing Fields on the Record
Quiz Yourself

UNIT 7: Introduction to Desktop Publishing

Changing Fonts
Inserting Pictures Into Your Documents
Newspaper Columns
Quiz Yourself

Final Project