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Administering Windows NT 4 Networks


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I. Domains and Trusts

A. Domains
B. Adding Workstations and Servers to a Domain

1.Using Server Manager
2.Using Control Panel

C. Trusts
D. Creating a Trust Relationship


In this section you will learn:
. Define Domains
. Demonstrate how to add a workstation to a Domain
. Describe Trusts
. Learn how to create a Trust

II. User Accounts

A. Planning User Accounts

1. Naming Convention
2. Passwords conventions
3. How to deal with temporary employees
4. Login time restrictions
5. Workstation restrictions
6. Home directory location

B. User Manager

1. What is User Manager
2. Using User Manager for Domains

C. Creating User Accounts

1. Setting Passwords
2. Setting Login Hours
3. Setting Workstation Restrictions
4. Setting Account Information
5. Assigning a Home Directory

D. Deleting User Accounts
E. Renaming User Accounts


In this section you will learn:
. Explain the purpose of a user account
. Understand Naming and Password conventions
. Understand User Manager
. Learn how to set Login and Workstation restrictions
. NT Workstation attributes
. Demonstrate how to create a new user account
. Learn how to delete a user account
. Describe how to rename a user account

III. Setting Up Group Accounts

A. Overview of Group Accounts

1. Local
2. Global
3. System
4. Built-in Group Accounts
5. Guidelines for implementing local and global groups

B. Group Management
C. Adding members to Groups

1. Adding members to Local Groups
2. Adding members to Global Groups

D. Removing members from Groups
E. Creating Groups

1. Creating Global Groups
2. Creating Local Groups

F. Deleting Groups


In this section you will learn:
. Explain the difference between local and global group accounts
. Describe the built-in group accounts
. Learn to add and remove members to groups
. Learn how to delete a group account

IV. Administering Users and Groups

A. User Account Templates

1. Creating
2. Using Templates to Create User Accounts

B. Account Policies

1. Planning
2. Setting Password Options
3. Setting Account Lockout Options

C. Resetting User Account Passwords
D. Unlocking User Accounts
E. User Profiles

1. Local
2. Roaming
3. Mandatory
4. Network default
5. Creating a Roaming User Profile


In this section you will learn:
. Create User Account Templates
. Create a new user account with a user account template
. Describe account policies
. Set up account policies
. Reset user passwords
. How to unlock a locked user account
. Describe user profiles
. How to create a roaming user profile

V. Network Security with Shared Folder Permissions

A. Sharing Folders

1. Sharing A Folder
2. Assigning Shared Folder Permissions
3. Modifying Shared Folders

B. Accessing Shared Folders


In this section you will learn:
. Reasons for sharing files
. How to name a share
. How to share a folder
. How to change and delete permissions for a shared folder
. How to cancel a share
. How to hide a share

VI. Network Security with NTFS Permissions

A. How NTFS Permissions are Applied
B. Combining Shared Folder and NTFS Permissions
C. Assigning NTFS Permissions

1. Assigning NTFS File and Folder Permissions
2. Assigning Special Access Permissions

D. Taking Ownership of files and folders
E. Copying or moving folders and files


In this section you will learn:
. How to apply folder and file permissions within the NTFS file system
. How to share a resource
. How to cancel the sharing of a resource
. Learn how to delete a group account

VII. Network Printing

A. Windows NT Printing Terminology
B. Printing Process Overview
C. Installing Printers

1. Installing a Local Printer
2. Troubleshooting Local Printer Problems
3. Installing Network Printers
4. Troubleshooting Network Printer Problems

D. Configuring Printers

1. Changing Printer Properties
2. Sharing a Printer
3. Setting up Printer Pools

E. Controlling Print Jobs

1. Viewing Documents in the Print Queue
2. Deleting a Document from the Print Queue
3. Pausing/Resuming a Print Job
4. Changing the Printing Priority and Print Time
5. Printer Security

a) Assigning Printing Permissions
b) Auditing Printer Activity
c) Taking Ownership of a Printer

6. Creating a Separator Page


In this section you will learn:
. What the components of network printing are and how they work to ether
. How the printing process works
. How to install and configure printers
. How to troubleshoot printing problems
. How to set up printer pools
. How to manage the print queue

VIII. Backing Up the Network


In this section you will:
. How to back up to tape using the Backup Utility to backup and restore
. How to use the NTBACKUP utility
. How to create an Emergency Repair Disk
. How to use different backup strategies
. How to bring the system up if something goes wrong during the restore


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