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Technologies and Applications

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This CBT provides an easy to understand look at the world of Integrated Services Digital Network. It provides an overview and technical introduction to ISDN. You'll gain the practical knowledge to plan and evaluate ISDN for your organization. You will learn about ISDN capabilities, BRI vs. PRI service option, ISDN ordering codes and equipment necessary to deliver ISDN to your desktop. You’ll learn about the applications for voice, data and video applications utilizing ISDN including Internet access. You’ll learn about the latest xDSL high speed digital services and ISDN standards. It is a must for anyone involved in designing, evaluating, installing, operating, or maintaining telecommunications networks, PBX administrators, project managers, ISDN service providers, equipment and services vendors and network managers.


This interactive, self paced computer based training courseware features electronic bookmark, progress report, review quizzes with personalized feedback and assessment software. The assessment software lets you determine how well you have learned the topics covered. The assessment software randomly generates questions providing a different test each time it is used. Perfect for pretest and post test. This CBT was authored by Gary Audin, one of the world's leading communications experts.

Objectives: You Will Learn How To:

Specify and order ISDN lines for your organization.
Describe applications and advantages for users and providers.
Plan your organization's ISDN strategy including voice, data, LAN and Internet access.
Determine the equipment necessary for successful ISDN implementation.
Determine your ISDN needs.
ISDN standards as they relate to data communications.
Plan for your organization's digital bandwidth needs.
Compare the latest Digital Subscriber lines (xDSL) including IDSL,

Course Length: 6-10 hours.